Monday, October 22, 2012

I Have a (cornbread) Beef With Betty.

I hate to say it, but Betty let me down tonight.

We had our first "winter storm" today in Northern California, which basically means it was a bit windy and it rained a bunch.

Looking out my office window this morning, I suddenly had a severe craving for chili.  I knew I needed to get groceries today, so I got online and put in my order. Raley's (our local grocery store) has this wonderful option where you can order all of your groceries online, tell them when you want to pick them up, and when you arrive, they load up your trunk. You never have to set foot inside the store. It's awesome for times when I just would rather not deal with the crowds of people.

So, I got all of my chili ingredients and then I thought my husband might like some cornbread. I knew that I was in no mood to make it from scratch, it being Monday and all. Perusing the cornbread mixes, I found one by Betty Crocker.  Can't lose, right?

I followed the directions EXACTLY.  Milk, an egg and melted butter. Mix until the powder just becomes wet. I opted to bake mine in an 8" square pan.  I noticed when I poured in the batter that it barely covered the bottom of the pan and spread it out the best I could.

This is what happened.

It tastes alright, but it clearly doesn't look like the packaging - not by a long shot. Had my husband hold his tape measure up, so I could show all of you the results. Call me crazy, but the cornbread in the picture on the packaging definitely looks thicker than one inch!

I don't know what went wrong, but I do know that next time, I'll suck it up and make it from scratch.